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Nadi Astrology - List Of Kandams

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1. This Kandam is to be found out through your thumb impression. It is required that gentlemen give the impression from their right thumb, while ladies give the impression from their left thumb. This Kandam will contain yours and your parents name, and give details of predictions, of brothers, sisters, children, wife, husband and the gist of future predictions for all the 12 houses.

2. This Kandam concerns, money, eyes, family, education and speech.

3. This Kandam relates to your brothers and sisters and the affection, help or ill feeling between them and yourself. It also relates to the ears and courage.

4. This Kandam talks about your mother, house, vehicles, lands and pleasures.

5. This Kandam will talk about your children and their birth. Or the reason for you not having children, adoption of remedial measures for having children. It will also reveal the future lives of those children.

6. This Kandam concerns disease, debts, enemies and court cases.

7. This Kandam is helpful for those preparing for marriage. It discusses the period of marriage, reasons for delay in marriage name, lagnam of bride or bridegroom, planetary positions, positions, direction and distance of residence, of the bride or bridegroom. Future life with husband or wife.

8. This Kandam will reveal your life span in this life. Longevity, accident and danger to your life, age, month, date, day, time star, lagnam and place of death.

9. This kandam talks about you father, and predictions, future predictions in regard to father, wealth, visit to temples, luck, teaching from holy men and charitable deeds.

10. This Kandam concerns your employment and profession, future prediction in regard to job or business, change of place, and the positive and negative aspects in your profession.

11. This Kandam discusses profits and second marriage.

12. This Kandam will discuss your expenses, overseas travel, your next birth or attainment of salvation.

13. This Kandam is SANTHIPARIHARAM and reveals how many more lives you have, your last birth, sins committed and the remedial measure for getting rid of the effect of the sins of past births.This Kandam is called DEEKSHAI KANDAM and discusses a means to avoid the troubles with enemies by wearing talismans or chanting mantras.

14. This Kandam is called AUSHADHA KANDAM and discusses medicines for long standing disease and the methods of taking them.

15. This Kandam is a medicine kandam.

16. DASA AND BHUKTI results: Best with 1st Chapter. Predictions related to the 9 planets and there respective periods in ones life.



19. PRASANA CHAPTER: Asking up to 5 questions.

You should also know that the Kandams 2 through 12 will give you the future predictions, up to the end of your life from the date or perusal of that Kandam; and Kandam number one is a general Kandam that will give you an overview from all the 12 houses.

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